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Henan Yuboo biological technology co., LTD., founded in 2017, a total investment of 11 million yuan, mainly by genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering, represented by modern biotechnology engineering and the study of the biological agents, biological technology development, sales, service as one of the modern high-tech microbial additive premix enterprises, has been through the national ISO9001 quality system certification, certification microbial feed additives production and after-sales service.And this year it won the star enterprise of henan TV station and teaching practice base of college of animal husbandry and medicine of henan agricultural university.

       Dr Job now are 96 employees, of which 5 people, master of 13 people, headed by henan agricultural university doctoral tutor Dr Qing-qiang Yin probiotics research and development team, the fermentation of Chinese traditional medicine, led by Dr Ming-fan Yang henan agricultural university, research and development team, headed by Dr Zhen-tian li henan agricultural university biological feed nutrition team, for optimal bo to lay strong technical backing.At present, it has obtained 8 national authorized invention patents, one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes.The company owns youbo biological, chuangxin biological and liangda production base, whose products cover a variety of types such as enzyme preparation, wet fermentation, raw liquid, fermentation traditional Chinese medicine, etc., providing micro-ecological preparation, fermentation traditional Chinese medicine and feed products for livestock, poultry and aquatic products.

       Companies using advanced technology at home and abroad, the size of the introduction of foreign advanced microbial sterilization, fermentation, cultivating, drying and other series of complete sets of equipment research and development of "no resistance to the egg" series of products, the multi-functional composite enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics, animal growth factor is clever Mosaic, and adopting multiple micro capsule package is slow release technology, creatively solves the probiotics the defects of poor stability and low biological titer, create a new era of probiotics production, use.Adhering to the business philosophy of "living on quality and developing on credit", youbo has always stood at the forefront of The Times and strived to make contributions to food safety and human health within our capacity.